Entry #18 - Fallenwood

Title: Fallenwood
Author: Leslie Soule
Trailer Producer: Jennifer Pace
Genre: Fantasy

Fallenwood is the story of a girl named Ash who, running away after the death of her stepfather, finds her way to a strange and magical world. But the world she now finds herself in - a world that was once called Terra Illumina but now is known as "Fallenwood" - is a world threatening to tear itself apart. Magic is the life force of Fallenwood, and if it keeps being used up, everything will die. But magic is a weapon, and weapons are owned for the sake of power. Now Ash must find a way to destroy the Great Crystal - the catalyst through which all magic in Fallenwood is channelled - and meanwhile, the kingdoms are going to war. Can she save Fallenwood before it's too late?

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