Entry #14 - The Books of James C. Patch: The Barrier

Title: The Books of James C. Patch: The Barrier
Author: Gary D. Henry
Trailer Producer: Legerity Entertainment (Mark Bell)
Genre: Thriller / Horror / Paranormal / Fiction

Memories are all that is left when we die and reflection on our past is our last greatest accomplishment. The memories live on after death and those memories propel us to a different dimension where people with the same memory can connect in the afterlife. Fond memories are what carry us through the Barrier to the Utopia on the other side. It is Heaven and Hell if religion is thrown into the mix. Hell being the barrier trying to prevent you from reaching the other side and Heaven being on the other side. People with few fond memories will find it difficult to reach the other side. The moral is to live your life and amass as many memories as possible because those memories may be your salvation when all is said and done. This is a story of James C. Patch and Jacob Masterson. Two authors living generations apart who have a common goal and that is to make the spirits of countless people know what it’s like to live in the Utopia on the other side of the Barrier. Getting to the other side is perilous to those who have not lived a life full of warm memories. They would find the road difficult. Jim and Jacob will assist them but not without cost.

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