Entry #05 - The Thirteenth Summer

Title: The Thirteenth Summer
Author: Elizabeth Laing Thompson
Trailer Producer: Byron W. Thompson (Affilmity Creations)
Genre: Young Adult Novel

Threats, love, and rock & roll... Her thirteenth summer is one Crystal Waters never expected, and one she’ll never forget!

Instead of the quiet summer Crystal had planned, she is thrown into a rock-and-roll tour of the United States with a man she barely knows: her dad. Crystal’s father, Rage Waters, is the legendary front man of his world-famous band, The Fellas—and he and Crystal couldn’t be any more different.

As Crystal and Rage fumble to form a relationship, his obsessed stalker “Psycho Girl” sets her sights on Crystal, too. Even Cupid has it out for Crystal, in the form of sensitive surfer-boy Luke. With Psycho Girl closing in, Crystal and her new-found crush scramble to discover the identity of the deranged fan, even as secrets from Rage’s past threaten to shatter father and daughter’s fragile bond.

The Thirteenth Summer, a Young Adult novel by Elizabeth Laing Thompson, has it all: suspense, romance, comedy, and just the right dose of father-daughter bonding. It’s the perfect read for teens... and teens at heart!

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